Feedback on Q1 2021
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10 May 2021
Budget 2021.....Key Points for Investors
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5 March 2021
Looking Back on 2020: An Extraordinary Year for the Markets
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27 January 2021
Looking Back at a Volatile 2020 Economy
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21 October 2020
Prescribed Assets: What the Latest Speculations
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21 August 2020
A Brief Look Back at the Second Quarter (Q2 ) 2020:
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22 July 2020
Rein in Panic Moves as Countries Battle Covid-19
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25 March 2020
Quarterly Economic Review:
Us/China Trade Dispute Weighs Heavily on Outlook
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19 July 2019

Budget 2021……….Key Points for Investors:

All investment related taxes remained the same.

  • Maximum marginal rate for natural persons remains at 45% (reached when taxable income exceeds R1 656 600).
  • Minimum rate of tax 18% on taxable income not exceeding R216 200.
  • Tax free portion of interest income is R23 800 for taxpayers under 65 years, and R34 500 for individuals over 65 years.
  • Local dividend tax remains at a flat rate of 20%.
  • Foreign dividends remains at 20% but may be reduced in terms of Double Tax Treaties.

Tax breaks:

You can invest 27.5% of your total income (salary plus other income) in retirement products every tax year and receive tax relief from SARS on these contributions.   Contributions that enjoy tax relief are capped at R350 000 per year.

Tax free savings accounts:  the contributions limit is R36 000 per tax year and R500 000 over the individual’s live.