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Dear Client,

Over the years I have found that there is a large psychological/ behavioural aspect to investing and the Blog will focus on this. However, this will not be to the exclusion of other relevant¬†information and financial planning issues.¬† And so that we do not get too serious, there will also be regular postings by a columnist and cartoonist to provide some financial (and non-financial) humour. We will focus on a certain topic every month, but will also comment on any current and relevant “in the news” stories as they happen – in South Africa as well as around the world.

We are all bombarded with information, a lot of it unwanted, on a daily basis so access to the Blog will be driven by you.

If you would like to receive email notifications when a new article is loaded onto the Blog, please use the subscription function on the right hand side of this blog page. The subscription function is spam protected.

I hope you enjoy and get value out of the Blog.

Joy Immelman

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